Leyland Simmons


My mission is to create avant-garde works in a concert dance aesthetic that explore the human experience.

I invest deeply in musical phrasing, sequence, transition, formation and structure - tailoring movement to match each individual dancer. I enjoy challenging performers to stretch themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and artistically - allowing them to step out

of their comfort zones. This helps to make the choreography shine and allows the performers to mature in their artistry.


Private Lessons:

My goal is to assess a student's strengths and weaknesses in order to develop

a personalized curriculum that addresses technical and artistic needs.


Private Coaching:

Students present their solo variation (modern, jazz, contemporary or ballet)

and I cultivate their talents to bring out the best in their technical, artistic and performance abilities.


Master Classes:

I focus on alignment, placement, coordination of the head, arms, and legs, as well as expression. My classes place emphasis on the proper use of dynamics, musicality, and transition steps. My goal is to help students strengthen their technique and artistry so

that they may reach their full potential.

I offer private lessons, Coaching, Master Classes and Choreography

in the fields of Ballet, Horton-Based Modern, Contemporary and Jazz.